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Crown-tech ENGINEERING (Thailand) Co.,ltd.

is a multinational group environment Engineering Company located in the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand, which is jointly financed by a number of foreign and Thai businessmen and is engaged in environmental protection projects in Thailand. Its main business focuses on the planning, design and construction of Thai wastewater treatment, Thai waste gas treatment and industrial water treatment. Since its establishment in 1992, the company has been planning, designing and constructing a variety of water and air treatment related projects for hundreds of local manufacturers in Thailand, whose technical level, service attitude and construction quality are well received by officials and manufacturers of the relevant departments of the Thai government.

In addition to the local area of Thailand, business scope. It has been extended to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos ... and other Southeast Asian countries. The company has engaged in the relevant environmental protection of specialized personnel "environmental protection, civil, chemical, mechanical, biochemical, electrical ... Engineers and appointed professor of Environmental Protection Department of the highest institutions in Thailand as a consultant group, can provide customers with Thai sewage treatment, industrial water treatment and waste gas treatment of the project planning, design, construction and operation of a series of services, and provide the technician visa information. more...

Our Service

Services all kinds of air filters, filter tubes production and replacement.


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